The most relevant publications in Modern and Sustainable Animal Breeding.


What is the evidence that egg production is a cause of bone quality issues?

The belief that selection for increased egg production is a cause of bone quality issues in laying hens has been widespread. However, the evidence that there is a link between the rate of lay and bone quality does not support this.

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A premise for sustainable innovation in the agricultural sector is that the data needs to be shared. The EU code of conduct on agricultural data sharing was created jointly by the signatory organisations, including EFFAB, to provide support on contractual relations and provide guidance on re-using and sharing agricultural data. 

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the place of litter size in modern pig breeding:

a broad perspective 

Over the past 20 years, animal breeding programs have evolved and integrated breeding goals and traits that promote animal welfare. The commitments of EFFAB members are demonstrated through Code EFABAR, the code of good practices for responsible and balanced breeding. Responsible breeding plays a crucial part in improving animal welfare.

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What  can animal genetics  do to reduce emissions from livestock 

In the last 30 years, researchers and breeders have been looking at breeding with a broader perspective and are considering a variety of traits other than production, such as sustainability I land welfare-related traits. This includes traits to reduce GHG, such as methane from ruminants. Breeding companies of EFFAB are implementing research in the field in their breeding programs.  

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