Working groups

EFFAB counts on it’s Working Groups to help tackling and discussing, highly relevant issues for the animal breeding and reproduction sector. Working Groups are composed of members of EFFAB, nominated by their organization due to their experience on the topic.

Genome Editing

EFFAB promotes responsible Research & Innovation. In this Working Group we gather information from members to explore the potential of genome editing, while keeping in mind the ethical aspects of the technique.

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Animal Welfare

EFFAB currently has 3 Working Groups working on Animal Welfare : pigs, poultry and ruminants. The Working Groups started their activities to work on the revision of the legislation of terrestrial farmed animals and in particular on the welfare during transport.   

A Working Group on the welfare of fish is under preparation.

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RepVet and Animal Health

The RepVet is giving solicited, active and unsolicited and pro-active advices to the EU Commission regarding the European legislative framework, as well as technical advices, related to the biosecurity of artificial reproduction of farm animals, based on scientific knowledge and practical expertise.

Specific attention was addressed to the enter into application of the Animal Health Regulation in April 2021, practical details related to animal health certificates, the implementation of TRACES NT and Brexit.

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Sustainable and Balanced Animal Breeding – Code EFABAR Revision 2023

As a commitment to responsible and balanced breeding, EFFAB members adopt Code EFABAR, the code of good practices for animal breeding. The Code is reviewed

Every 3 years and the next version will be presented in 2023. Therefore, EFFAB started a Working Group to reflect on the Revision of the Code.

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