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Animal Breeding has strongly and positively evolved over the last two decades to face environmental and societal challenges; however, Animal Breeders don’t have a long tradition of communicating about breeding practices.

The Code EFABAR Initiative started in 2005 to showcase the commitments of EFFAB members toward more sustainable breeding and farming. Code EFABAR is the common tool of the sector to engage in dialogue with policymakers, stakeholders, and civil society about modern and balanced animal breeding programs in which animal health and welfare, and traits related to sustainability, have become increasingly important.

As a commitment to responsible and balanced breeding, EFFAB members adopt Code EFABAR, the code of good practices for animal breeding. The code is based on 6 pillars from animal health and welfare to food safety and recognises the central role of sustainability in safeguarding food security.


Our members on

When asked, “Why is Code EFABAR important?” Our members reiterate the fact that not only does it help them to assess the sustainability of their breeding programs and activities, but it also shows their stands on animal health, welfare and the importance of transparency. It creates a path for discussion within the company but also with policymakers, stakeholders and customers on sustainability and the future breeding goals.

"Hendrix Genetics’ mission is to deliver innovative solutions to contribute to a more sustainable animal production. Code-EFABAR helps us to do so by delivering transparency in what we do as a breeding organisation. For Hendrix Genetics it is important to make sure that what we do is accepted by everyone in the keychain in order to deliver products that are valued by our consumers; not only in what we deliver but also in how we deliver it. Code EFABAR really helps us to do that in a transparent way, explaining why we are very pleased to have adopted the Code EFABAR".

Johan van Arendonk, Hendrix Genetics

One of Topigs Norsvin’s major core values is sustainability, of which Code EFABAR is an important element. Topigs Norsvin’s corporate sustainability report, which includes the Code EFABAR, is an important asset in communicating sustainability to society and NGOs. Code EFABAR helps Topigs Norsvin in making decisions around our future breeding goals and offers support in discussions on sustainability with stakeholders. That makes Code EFABAR an important tool for management decisions whilst also delivering improved transparency in our services".

Hans Olijslagers, Topigs Norsvin

“AquaGen exports fish to a global market we must meet with some quality standards; these standards mainly focus on management, fish welfare, chemicals or workers safety. However, none of these standards focus on what AquaGen does, namely selective breeding. To comply with quality standards on selective breeding, the Code EFABAR has been adopted. It helps AquaGen to communicate in a transparent way about topics such as genetic diversity, breeding programs, genetic technologies and so on. Code-EFABAR shows that AquaGen is involved in responsible sustainable breeding; resulting in good results on the short term but also on delivering genetic diversity for the next generations to come”.

Sven Arild Korsvoll, AquaGen


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