The European Union plays a leading role in increasing sustainability of food production. European Animal breeding is a cornerstone of this improvement, and it is leading swiftly for more sustainable animal production with the collaboration of other sectors. EFFAB is part of several platforms and key groups in order to make progress altogether.
  • European Livestock Voice

    The European Livestock Voice (ELV) is a multi-stakeholder group of 11 like-minded partners related to animal farming. The group has united to bring balance to the debate around a sector that plays an essential role in Europe’s rich heritage and future. The associations involved aim to inform the public and policy makers in Brussels about the value of livestock production and its contribution to global challenges, offering a science and facts based alternative to the current debates. The initiative has been translated to 24 national platforms.


  • European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources (ERFP)

    The European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources (ERFP) is a regional network of National Coordinators (NCs) and a regional platform to support the in situ and ex situ documentation, information, conservation, and sustainable use of animal genetic resources (AnGR). The ERFP facilitates the implementation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Global Plan of Action (GPA) and the coordination, exchange of information and experiences related to AnGR.

    The ERFP is also strongly connected to the European Reference Centre for endangered breeds (EURC-EAB).


  • Animal Task Force

    The Animal Task Force (ATF) is a European Public-Private Partnership to promote a sustainable and competitive livestock sector in Europe. ATF is a leading body of expertise, representing key stakeholders from industry, famers and research from across Europe. Their goals are to stress the importance of sustainable livestock production for Europe’s future; to propose science-based solutions to the major challenge of global food security in the context of a limitation and mitigation of global warming, restoration of biodiversity and efficient resource use; to support knowledge development and innovation by enhancing cooperation and knowledge exchange; and to set the agenda for research and innovation in the animal domain.


  • National Association of Animal Breeders (USA)

    The National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) is the US association representing and defending the farm animal breeders in the country. NAAB focuses on organizations engaged in the artificial insemination of mainly cattle and other livestock. The organizations come together for the common good of the livestock industry to present a unified design for cattle improvement.


  • Aquaculture Advisory Council

    The Aquaculture Advisory Council is a stakeholder platform funded by the European Commission to provide them with inputs related to European Aquaculture. EFFAB is involved in the activities of this group and especially on those related to sustainable aquaculture and fish welfare.


  • AETE - Association of Embryo Technology in Europe

    The Association of Embryo Technology in Europe is an interaction society for practitioners and researchers in the field of Embryo Transfer, Assisted Reproduction, Embryology and associated areas in domestic animals. 


  • Agri-Food Chain Coalition

    The Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC) is a joint initiative of 12 different leading associations across the agri-food chain calling for sustainable, science-based and solution-oriented policies.



    EPRUMA is a multi-stakeholder platform linking best practices with animal and public health. It aims to ensure best practices through the responsible use of medicines to prevent and control animal diseases. EPRUMA's partners commit to working together to ensure the safe and transparent use of veterinary medicines and share information on best practices to manage animal diseases, support animal health and welfare, contribute to food safety, and safeguard human well-being and public health.


  • ICAR

    ICAR is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) that provides an open yet secure network to share with, learn from and interact with fellow members and related stakeholders in global animal production. By cooperating, sharing and enabling, ICAR strives to stimulate animal production around the globe that is more sustainable and efficient than the sum of the individual contributions.


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