Qualivets Group

Optimal Quality Of Semen From Bovine and Porcine Species


The QualiVets working group is open for people involved in bull and boar semen production. Members of this working group meet annually during the AIVETS meeting. The focus of this WG is on all relevant subjects concerning AI station management, semen collection, evaluation of semen quality, semen dilution, semen storage and semen transportation.
QualiVets was set up following the AIVETS meeting in 1994. QualiVets functions a a discussion forum on quality control and other technical matters concerning artificial insemination.

Current chair of  the Board :
QualiVets porcine: Dimitri de Meyer
​QualiVets bovine: Marleen Broekhuijse

For more information please contact Ana Granados (ana.granados[at]effab.info)

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