European policy

EFFAB is the voice of Animal Breeders at the European level 

EFFAB stands for a level playing field in the European Union and associated countries in which it is possible to operate, innovate and develop in a way that the sector contributes for more sustainable animal farming.

EFFAB is involved in:

  • European policies and legislation
  • Connecting and exchanging between the sector and other stakeholders in the Agri-Food Chain
  • Communicating with society the role of animal breeders and research
  • Transferring knowledge from EU Research Projects

EFFAB is a crucial stakeholder in the debate around sustainable livestock and aquaculture. Our policy positions are primarily science-based and reflect the practicability in the field.

Animal Health

Animal Breeders thoroughly commit to ensure the highest level of animal health and welfare throughout their activities and to improve them through their breeding programmes (ex.: improving robustness and disease resistance of farmed animals).

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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare is a vital part of animal breeding programmes and activities. Animal Breeders ensure the highest level of welfare during their activities (including during transport) and continuously improve it through their programmes (ex.: improved positive social behavior).

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New Technologies

EFFAB promotes and fosters research on, and implementation of, new animal breeding and reproduction techniques when assessments have shown that these techniques comply with EU rules.

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Other Policy Areas

EFFAB also focuses on other policy areas relevant to sector, such as Brexit, sustainability of food systems and other topics related to the Agriculture and Fisheries food chain.

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