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EFFAB is a crucial stakeholder in the debate around sustainable livestock and aquaculture.

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Animal breeding can be explained as the selective crossing of domestic animals that have desirable qualities resulting in improved offspring. These ‘qualities’ are translated as breeding values for a number of interesting traits. A few examples are known of everyone, as milk production and quality.

In the last decades traits related to disease resistance, animal welfare, robustness, fertility, longevity, the reduction of the impact in the environment (e.g. methane reduction) and better use of feed resources have intensified their importance in animal breeding programs.

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    EFFAB and its members are highly involved in Research and Innovation in close collaboration with the scientific community.  EFFAB  is a strong  partner of EU Research Projects.


    About EFFAB

    The European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders is the association that represents the animal breeding and reproduction organisations and companies in Europe. Members of EFFAB are involved in the genetic improvement of different farm animal species and represent a wide diversity of farming systems. Ruminants, pigs, poultry, aquaculture and insects, are the main species covered by EFFAB members.

    Together with our members, EFFAB promotes sustainable, responsible, and balanced animal breeding.

    Through its’ work, EFFAB aims to inform policymakers and stakeholders about the role of the sector for more sustainable food production, based on facts and with a strong scientific background on animal breeding activities. Dialogue with politicians and the public is at the core of our vision on animal breeding issues.

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