Past event

Webinar: "Genome editing and future advances in Aquaculture"

11-11 May 2023Online

The H2020 European projects AQUA FAANG and Aqua IMPACT are organizing a webinar series focused on Aquaculture Genomics this Spring.  Join us for this third meeting: "Genome editing and future advances in Aquaculture", on 11 May 2023, between 14h-15h (CEST). 


AQUAIMPACT "Future advances of using genomics in breeding programs"  by Antti Kause (LUKE)​

AQUA-FAANG "Genome editing for precision breeding" by Diego Robledo (UEDIN)​

​Invited speaker "Social acceptance of NGTs" by Sigrid Bratlie, a partner in the GENEinnovate research consortium and project leader at NCE Heidner Biocluster, Norway

Invited stakeholders:
Alan Tinch (CAT)
Ashie Norris (MOWI)

Come with us to learn more about sustainable aquaculture in Europe!


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In short :

The European project AQUA-FAANG aims to improve understanding the genome function and usage of genotype-to-phenotype prediction in the six most important European farmed fish species.