The role of meat in society: the Dublin Declaration of Scientists

12 April 2023
On 12 April , Animal Task Force and the Belgian Association of Meat Science and Technology organized a symposium to communicate the main findings of the recentDublin Summit “The Societal Role of Meat - What the Science Says” held at Teagasc (Ireland) in October 2022 to the Brussels community of stakeholders, policy makers and journalists.
The Summit gave rise to the influential “Dublin Declaration of Scientists on the Societal Role of Livestock”, which has meanwhile been signed by some 900 scientists globally. Both the Summit and the Declaration have set a landmark regarding the integration of the available evidence in this important domain, which is at the heart of the debate on the resilience and sustainability of food systems.


By Frank O'Mara, ATF President - @FrankOMara8

The global role of meat: a transnational perspective
By Badi Besbes, FAO - Animal Production and Health Division (NSA) - @FAOLivestock

The Dublin Declaration of Scientists - origins and key messages
By Frédéric Leroy, BAMST - @fleroy1974

Meat in human health and nutrition - reflections on "too little"/"too much"
By Prof. Alice Stanton, Royal College of Surgeons - @RCSI_Irl

Meat in sustainable food systems - circularity, ecological context, and metrics
By Prof. Wilhelm Windisch, TUM Technical University of Munich - @TU_Muenchen

Societal dimensions of meat - economics and ethics
By Prof. Peer Ederer, Goal Sciences - @ederer_peer

Viewpoint from the European Commission
By Joanna Stawowy, Cabinet of Commissioner Wojciechowski - @jwoj

General discussion and closing remarks
By Frank O'Mara, ATF President - @FrankOMara8

More information about this event can be found  here. 

Check the Scientific publications on Animal Frontiers webpage.

In short:

Scientific papers based on the Dublin Summit presentations have just been published in a peer-reviewed edition of Animal Frontiers, the third most-cited journal in agriculture, dairy, and animal science.