#BREEDERSTALKBLUE: Joint Webinar EATiP, FABRE TP & EFFAB: The Potential and Opportunities of Gene Editing in Aquaculture

26 April 2022

EATiP and EFFAB-FABRE TP hosted the joint session of Breeders Talk Green and EATiP Forum, called:Focusing on the Potential and Opportunities of Gene Editing in Aquaculture.

During this session there were presentations from the European Commission, different scientists from renowned Institutes and private sector Experts, where they exchanged and discussed around the following topics:

  • The use of gene editing technique (like CRISPR-Cas9) to improve the breeders toolbox linked to specific applications, such as sterility and disease resistance
  • The link to exploring opportunities to adapt legislation
  • Search for evidence and research gaps that help understand the safety of the technique
  • Exploring the expectations of the sector and stakeholders, including concerns related to AnimalWelfare


  • Ana Granados | EFFAB/FABRE TP & David Bassett | EATiP
  • Gene editing in Europe–a policy status, by Frank Swartenbroux | EC DG MARE Biotechnolog yunit
  • Gene editing-what is it about? Diego Robledo | Roslin Institute
  • Targeting sterility in fish, by Anna Wargelius | Institute of Marine Research
  • Disease resistance, by Ros Houston | Benchmark Genetics
  • Salmon dice resistance, by Tone-Kari Knutsdatter Østbye| Nofima
  • Gene editing approaches, by Alan Tinch | Center of Aquaculture Technologies
  • Read the Webinar Report-EFFAB, FABRE-TP Secretariat


In short: